(2 photodetectors, 2 LEDs, 1 RTD, 1 EC)

IOS Apollo

Modular Optical Sensor Platform

The IOS Apollo is a low size, weight, lower power, and cost modular sensor platform based on optical fiber sensor technology for sensitive measurements in difficult to reach locations.

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IOS APOLLO - Modular Optical Sensor Platform

Introducing the Apollo, a modular sensor platform designed for sensitive measurements in challenging environments. With its low size, weight, power, and cost, the Apollo is based on optical fiber technology and capable of highly accurate measurements.

The Apollo’s fiber optic sensors offer a number of advantages, including low size and weight, reduced chemical interference, and the ability to be located far from the readout unit without power requirements. It also includes 2 DO and 2 pH optical sensor caps, making it easy to measure both Dissolved Oxygen and pH levels. And there’s no need for complicated calibrations – simply replace the pre-calibrated sensor cap to switch between different optical sensors and customize your measurement capabilities.

The Apollo’s 8 configurable channels provide versatility and can be custom configured with optical and electrical/electrochemical channels, making it suitable for various applications, including down well sensing, remote sensing, waste water monitoring, drinking water monitoring, aquaculture, hydroponics, and environmental monitoring. The standard unit includes 2 LED and 2 photodetector channels, 1 temperature (RTD) and 1 conductivity (EC) channel, and can be customized upon request.

Discover the benefits of the Apollo’s advanced optical fiber technology and bring your sensing capabilities to the next level.


Typical: $5,300.00 (2 photodetectors, 2 LEDs, 1 RTD, 1 EC)

The benefits of fiber-optic sensing include:

  • Low size and weight
  • No EMF interference
  • Maintain calibrations for extended periods (70+ days)
  • Reduced chemical interference (e.g., H2S)
  • Optical fibers can be located at a distance from the readout unit, with no power requirements. Potential applications in down well sensing
  • Remote sensing
  • Waste water monitoring
  • Drinking water monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Gas monitoring

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Instrument Specifications
Configurable Channels 8
Size (WxHxD) 91×71×42 mm
Weight 177 g
Power 1.0 W continuous
Fiber Optic Cables 48 inches
Custom lengths available upon request
Analyte Optical Elec. Notes
Oxygen Optical in Base Unit, Elec. available via upgrade
pH Optical in Base Unit, Elec. available via upgrade
Temperature Base Unit
Conductivity Base Unit
REDOX Available via upgrade
Carbon Dioxide Coming Soon
Nitrate Coming Soon
Pressure Coming Soon
Turbidity Coming Soon


Down well sensing, Remote Sensing, Waste Water monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Gas Monitoring
IOS Apollo Modular Optical Sensor Platform
Measurement Specifications
Dissolved Oxygen Range
0 – 28 mg/L
0.01 – 0.03 mg/L at 2 – 15 mg/L
pH Range
6.5 – 8.5
± 1%
Temperature Range
0 – 50°C
± 0.3°C
Conductivity Range
5 – 200,000 µS/cm
0.01 µS/cm
± 2%
Modularity enables custom sensing solutions
Configure the eight channels for your application!


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