Laser Ultrasonics

Laser ultrasonics, defined as the use of lasers to both generate and detect ultrasonic waves, combines the non-contact operation, speed, and spatial resolution of lasers with the ability to penetrate opaque materials.

The resulting versatility and precision are a game-changer for companies across a broad array of industries, from automotive to aerospace and construction.

Some real-life applications that put the dependability of laser ultrasonics on full display include:

  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Composite flow detection
  • Bond evaluation
  • Weld inspection
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Crack sizing
  • Grain size measurement

Companies can leverage the potential of laser ultrasonics to create competitive advantages along all phases of the production cycle.


  • Higher quality, lower capital, and operating costs.
  • Seamless operation in the face of higher temperatures, faster process speeds, smaller sample size, or more demanding specifications.
  • Highly effective where post-process evaluation is no longer satisfactory.
  • Monitor/measure earlier in the process: major economic benefits.


  • Ideally suited for meeting exacting quality control requirements.


  • Extend service life, plan scheduled maintenance.
  • Respond to stricter safety requirements.

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