MOSA 6thSense

A small wearable hazardous chemical sensor system

IOS’s MOSA 6thSense is a small, lightweight and low power wearable sensor system for simultaneous low-level detection of 10+ CWAs & TICs.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Affordable price point
  • Wide array of available sensors
  • Simultaneous detection of 10+ CWAs & TICs
  • Platform agnostic—can be attached to anything
  • Low-level/early warning detection
  • Typical detection in ~90s
  • Visual, audible, and push notifications


The IOS Multi-analyte Optical Sensor Array (MOSA) is a low cost, low power, lightweight, and small-footprint wearable sensor system capable of simultaneously detecting dilute mass concentrations of vaporous chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs).


Warfighters, First responders; Chemical industry workers; Oil and gas workers


With a fast charging battery and an easy-to-swap sensor cartridge, the IOS MOSA 6thSense is designed to last a full day’s work.* When responding to an event or for peace of mind when working with hazardous gases, simply add in a new sensing cartridge, turn on the device, and secure it on your person for an added 6thSense. Alerts are provided by on-screen indicators and LEDs, and further assessment is possible via the mobile app.

*swap out sensor cartridge following positive chemical detection