Quick Start: IOS MOSA 6th Sense

1. Download the IOS MOSA 6th Sense App on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
2. Power on the device by sliding the switch located underneath the rubber port cover on the front side of the device (Figure 1).
3. Follow the instructions on the IOS MOSA 6th Sense App to pair it to your mobile device via Bluetooth.
4. Once paired, power off the 6th Sense and remove the white sticker (labeled “Remove Before Use”) from the 6th Sense.
5. Remove a new sensor cartridge from its sealed package & insert into the slot which was covered by the white sticker.
Note: Align the pegs on the cartridge with the slots in the device as shown in Figure 2.
6. Make sure that the cartridge is securely in place by verifying that the finger tabs are in their outmost position as shown in Figure 3.
7. Flip The 6th Sense over on the screen – the 6th can be worn using either MOLLE straps by equipping the provided MOLLE adapter as shown in Figure 4A or as an arm-wearable by sliding the supplied armband through the slot shown in Figure 4B.
8. The device can be powed on again and is ready for use.

Note: The 6th Sense contains an UVLED inside that should not be looked at. Thus, anytime there is no sensor cartridge in the 6th Sense, the device must be powered off.

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